Youth Sailing at Bowmoor

We have many youths who sail year round at Bowmoor. They take part in a range of different activities from club racing to the annual Youth Camp, as well as regular training throughout the year. 

What do Youths Sail at Bowmoor?

Youths at Bowmoor sail a range of classes from the RYA pathway such as Optimists, RS Teras and RS Fevas. Some also choose to sail other active classes at Bowmoor such as the Byte or the RS Aero.  There is regular training provided for all these classes once they have passed their RYA1&2.

What Youth Training is Availiable at Bowmoor?

Youth training at Bowmoor takes multiple forms, to suit a range of sailors. Youth events for 2023 can be viewed here.

There are also RYA courses for those new to the sport (see links below) for those wanting to gain formal qualifications. 

Who do I Contact About Youth Training?

Please contact our youth coordinator.

Contact the Youth Coordinator
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