Club Racing Guide

When does racing take place?

Every Sunday, Bank Holidays and Wednesday evenings in the summer. See the programme for more details.

How good do I need to be?

You need to be confident in your boat handling skills and able to sail a triangular course. If you’re new to sailing, it is generally recommended that you have passed your RYA Level 2 (see here). 

What rules do I need to know?

The number one rule is to always avoid a collision. Boats on port give way to boats on starboard. Windward boats give way to leeward boats and the inside boat at the mark is allowed to round the mark unhindered. For a more detailed explination, see the Racing Rules of Sailing

What boat can I use?

You can race any mono-hull dinghy which does not have a twin trapeze.

How do I sign on?

Write your name, boat class (i.e. Aero, Laser or Solo) and your sail number on the sign on sheets found under the race hut.

What course do I sail?

The course is displayed on the lake side of the race hut, or on the committee boat before the race. The colour of the number shows which side you should leave the mark. Red numbers should be left to Port and green numbers should be left to Starboard. It is recommended that you write down the course before going afloat. 
Marks go clockwise round the lake, marked 1 to 12, odd ones are yellow and even marks are red. We also use moveable marks X, Y, Z; as well as W (orange), which is usually the first windward mark.  
The start line is between the central pole on the race hut, or the mast of the committee boat and the pink S mark.
You should sail until the shortened the course flag (flag S) is displayed, which will be accompanied by 2 sound signals. You should carry on sailing the course until you next pass through the line.

What is the starting procedure?

6, 3, 0, with rolling starts at 3 minute intervals thereafter. 

Who should I ask if I’m unsure about any of this?

Anyone in sailing gear before racing! (Hint: the earlier in the day you ask them the more time they’ll have to help you)

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