Club Information

Club Rules

To find out what you can and cannot do at Bowmoor, please consult the relevant document in the important documents section here.

Club Security

We are a members club without any staff. It is therefore the responsibility of members to ensure the club is left in a secure manner when leaving. If in doubt, please lock the clubhouse and main gate when leaving the site.

If there is an organized activity at the club, the site will usually remain open. However, on certain weekends such as RIAT, we keep the main gate locked at all times to prevent unauthorized visitors.


Dogs are permitted at the Club, providing they are kept under control. Please ensure they are on a lead in and around the clubhouse and should not be brought inside the clubhouse when the galley is open.

Please consider that when bringing dogs to stay overnight barking can disturb others, especially in the small hours.

You are required to clear up any dog mess and remove it from site.


Drones (or RC aircraft models) over 250 grams cannot be flown at the Club without external permission in accordance with CAA regulations.

Bowmoor SC is within RAF Brize Norton Terminal Control Zone and is controlled airspace from surface to 3500ft. Clearance is required for any drone flight from Brize Norton Air Traffic Control or RAF Fairford operations.


You may invite up to 3 friends (or a single family) to the Club on any given day, providing that the same guest is not invited more than 3 times in a calendar year.

You must be present at all times they are on site and are responsible to ensure they comply with Club Rules and Guideline.

You must complete the visitors book for each guest on arrival; the book can be found just inside the front door in the clubhouse.

Unacompanied Minors

All under 16-year olds must always be supervised by a full adult member whilst on the Club premises unless they are taking part in some (but not all!) of our paid training activities. If in doubt, please contact the event organiser before the start of the event.


Please take all rubbish home with you.

The club is required to pay for the disposal of all rubbish – to keep these costs down, please take your waste home with you, especially when you have been camping on site.

Bins are only provided for small amounts of waste, and for waste from the Galley.

Water Activities

There is no more important safety rule than to wear suitable bouyancy aids whilst near or in the water. 

Bouyancy aid
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