Racing at Bowmoor is a year round activity, in which a wide range of sailors take part. Whether you’re seasoned racer on the curcuit or just getting on the start line for the first time, there will always be someone near you on the course, with lots of friendly faces to send you in the right direction.

Club racing takes place on a Sunday, all year long, starting at 11:30 am; and on Wednesday evenings during the warmer months, starting at 7:00 pm. There are also numerous special racing events taking place throughout the year, from the 5 hour race to bank holiday pursuit racing, as well as open meetings for all of our active classes. 

During the summer months, a third race is run on a Sunday, starting at 3:00 pm. This is currently a personal handicap race in which helmsmen have a personal adjustment to their PYS which changes from one race to the next based on previous performance. There is a new means of allocating adjustments for new entrants; those who have sailed before continue with their last adjustment. 

Useful info

Club Racing SI’s

These are the standard sailing instructions under which all club races are run. 

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Racing Rules

Here is a quick link to the racing rules should you want to read up on the latest rules. 

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Here is a copy of the 2019 PY numbers, which are used in all handicap racing at Bowmoor. 

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Personal Handicaps

Here is a brief explanation about how the personal handicap system works for the 3rd race. 

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