Open Water Swimming

How can I swim at Bowmoor?

Swimming family membership allows the whole family to swim, use the clubhouse facilities, grounds and to camp at the club. The safety of the family is the sole responsibility of the parents who should always be present to supervise their children.

Swimming membership allows an individual to swim in the lake and use the clubhouse facilities and the grounds.

Sailing members can swim in the lake and must follow the swimming safety guidance.

Swimming safety is achieved though time and space separation, a warning flag, bright conspicuous hats and floatation aids, and weather awareness.

Please read below for more information. 

When can I swim at Bowmoor?

Open water swimming is allowed at specified times to ensure separation from watercraft.

Swimming is permitted for members:
• Before 9:30am on any day of the week. Swimmers may use the whole lake.
• From 16:30pm on any day of the week. Swimmers may only swim in Western end of the lake beyond the line of the small yellow buoys. Swimmers must enter and exit the water at the Western end of the dinghy park and must not swim across the launching areas in front of the dinghy park. From 1st Nov to 1st Mar the time will be 15:30 until dusk.

For information about swimming at other times see Activity Programme.

In special circumstances the OOD or an SI may designate a safe area for swimming which would be marked by buoys.

If there are any powerboats on the lake or in the process of launching then swimmers must not swim between Buoys 11 and 12.


Being Visible

You should hoist the orange flag kept in the clubhouse entrance before setting off to indicate there are swimmers in the water and take it down when the last swimmer exits the water.

All swimmers must wear high visibility swimming caps and tow swimming floats. Exceptionally, elite swimmers training in designated swimming-only periods need not use a tow float.
Swimming is allowed in daylight hours only. Exceptionally groups of no less than 6 experienced swimmers can conduct full-moon swims with all participants wearing tow buoys and lights, escorted by a canoe/paddle craft, and only in low risk prevailing weather conditions.
All swimmers under 16-year-old must always wear high visibility swimming caps, tow swimming floats and swim in close company with an adult capable of providing assistance if required.
Prior to joining the club all swimmers must declare that they are competent swimmers capable of swimming 400m.
Before going swimming each member must carry out a risk assessment to determine that it is safe for them to go swimming bearing in mind their experience, capability, the temperature of the water, the strength of the wind and the height of the waves.

General Advice

You should not go swimming if lightning has been forcast in the area and not enter the water for 30 min after it has passed.

Cold water is especially dangerous for swimmers and people should acclimatise slowly.

We recommend that you swim in pairs. To find a swim partner or find out when others will be swimming, take a look at the Bowmoor Open Water Swimming group on Facebook.

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