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Hire of Club Boats

If you have a subscription for the use of club boats, you can now book these out using the booking system. 

Our Club Boats

Single Handers


This is a rotamoulded training version of the International Optimist junior class. Suitable for younger children, it provides a stable training platform to learn the fundementals of sailing.

RS Tera

Slightly larger and faster that the Optibat, the RS Tera provides a more exciting but equally versitile training program for juniors that can be extended into racing, with a choice of 2 rigs. 


A classic single hander found at almost every sailing club in the UK. Made from plastic the Topper is a low maintanence easy to sail single hander for youths and small adults.

RS Zest

The newest dinghy in our fleet, the RS Zest provides a stable and easy to use platform for adult training, with a high boom and plenty of space it is suitable for all. 


The all time classic racing dinghy. The laser is the perfect introduction to more advanced dinghies, being the most popular racing dinghy in the world. With a choice of rigs it is suitable for youths and adults alike. 

RS Neo

A rotamoulded hull with a lighweight carbon fibre rig. Perfect for transitioning into something a bit more sporty, but with plenty of headroom due to a high boom. 

Double Handers

RS Feva

The junior double hander. An RYA pathway boat that is perfect for mastering double handed sailing skills using its asymetric kite. Perfect for juniors and youths. 

Topper Argo

Our adult training platform. The most versitile boat in our fleet offering a steady training platform with the ability to extend into racing, asymetric and symetric spinnaker sailing. 

Laser Bahia

The largest club training boat, the Laser Bahia is a very stable platform capable of carrying multiple crew. Easy to sail and set up with a range of sail sizes. 

Members who are competant sailors, RYA Level 2 and above can Hire boats  

For Bowmoor Members, Annual Hire   Annual Hire      
For Bowmoor Supporters, Annual Hire   Annual Hire

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