We have an increasing number of windsurfers at Bowmoor over the last few years. On a windy day when only a few of our bravest sailors adventure onto the lake we get lots of fearless windsurfers that go for a blast.

Our lake provides a unique opportunity to learn to windsurf. It’s the perfect size to learn as you’re never too far away from the shore. We also get strong winds with big gusts that let more experienced windsurfers blast around the lake with a big smile.

We have a WhatsApp group that lets our windsurfers communicate with each other, give tips and advice and can let people know who’s coming down on a windy day. There are a few very experienced windsurfers at Bowmoor who are always willing to chat and give plenty of advice.

As windfoiling has become more popular throughout the country, we have seen an increasing number of foiling windurfers at the club often seen flying across the lake at incredible speeds.

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