“Good things come in small packages!”

So the saying goes, and this is certainly true of the Byte class dinghy. With 2 rig sizes, the CI and the CII, the ideal weight range extends from 35 to 70+ kg making this an ideal class for teenagers, both boys and girls, and smaller adults, ladies and men. Indeed, the beauty of Byte Class Association events is that they are truly mixed age and mixed
gender and with sailors competing extremely well against each other. At recent National events the age spread has been from 12 to 67 years old with around a 50/50 split male and female.

The Bowmoor fleet has evolved in recent years to be the largest in the country (20+ boats) and it is one of the most active and most supportive fleets at the Club.

The hull weight is just 45 kg, thus making it much easier to manoeuvre in and out of the water and around the dinghy park (compared to a Laser at 65+ kg). Both the CI and CII rigs comprise carbon masts and fully battened mylar sails (that last for a long time). So whilst the boat is smaller than many in the park, it packs a performance. Stealthily quick in light winds and exciting in a blow with a fast planning hull.

The boat was originally designed by Ian Bruce, who designed the Laser and the resemblance is very obvious when you look at the hulls. Thereafter, the similarities end. The mainsheet is centre rigged (so doesn’t do that annoying thing of wrapping round the transom when you gybe) and the control lines are continuous and led back to the cockpit for easy use. Like many modern performance dinghies, it is easy to learn to sail but sufficiently challenging for more experienced sailors seeking to extract maximum boat speed. Some of the best young sailors at Bowmoor have come through the class and they have developed their boat handling skills and race-craft to an advanced standard. 

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