Access to the Lake

When can I use the lake?

Members can use the lake at any time. The lake is open 365 days a year, and you can generally use the lake at any time providing there is no organised event running. Due to COVID, you are required to book slots before coming to the club, see here


Members can sail on the lake at any time after 9.30am unless the lake is declared closed for Open Events.

If the orange swimming flag is raised do not sail shoreside of the small yellow buoys. Identify any swimmers in the water before launching or returning to shore.

If you want to cruise while people are racing, then please keep clear of the course which will be posted on the front of the race hut. 


The same rules apply as for sailing. You can generally windsurf at any time providing there are no organised activities taking place. 


Open Water is permitted at specfic times in the day. See the Open Water Swimming page for details. 

Kayak/Canoe and SUP

You can canoe/SUP whenever the lake is open for sailing or swimming.

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