CASC explanation


Due to the new HMRC rules we have to run 2 Bowmoor Sailing Club clubs. One is Bowmoor Sailing Club and is a CASC. For it to qualify as a CASC then 50% of its members have to fulfill the HMRC participation criteria. We have also set up Bowmoor Sailing Club Supporters to which we want all people who do not reach the very high HMRC participating criteria to join. The costs and benefits of joining both clubs will be identical the only difference is that the CASC members will have enhanced voting rights.

To meet the HMRC criteria then in a full year you have to participate 12 times or more. You can participate by:

Sailing (racing or cruising)WindsurfingCanoeing/kayaking
SwimmingTraining in these activities (as trainee or trainer)Committee Duties
Representing Bowmoor at away events.Club Duties (including working parties, Come and Try days)

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