The following rules and guidance have been detailed by the Government and are effective from 31st December.      The overarching guidelines for Govt guidance that come into are ‘Hands. Face. Space’:

  • Hands – wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds.
  • Face – wear a face covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.
  • Space – stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place (such as wearing face coverings).

 We are required to have a log of everyone who comes on site and retain that for 21 days.   This will be achieved through our website-based booking system and a QR code at the gate and the Clubhouse.  An additional activity (maintenance/admin) is available.  Please book activities and use the QR codes for Track and Trace.    

Social distancing.  Based on Tier 4:

  • Outside
    • Minimum 2m apart at all times (unless within family group).  If less than 2m even with mitigation (eg, face covering) for more than 15 minutes you are a contact!
    • Can only meet up with one other person (outside your bubble)
    • No intergroup mixing. 
    • No mixed crews.
  • No meeting indoors.
  • No indoor activities/classes.

Clubhouse Facilities.

  • Access for toilets.
  • Changing rooms should only be used in emergency
  • Face covering to be worn inside the Clubhouse
  • Wipe down all surfaces and handles touched with soap/disinfectant.
  • Galley – Takeaway service available

Track and Trace

  • Use QR Codes entering grounds
  • Use Clubhouse QR Code entering the building
  • Book all visits on website

Storage lockers – one person inside room/shed at a time.

All dogs under close control.

The key guidelines for Bowmoor, be that for sailing, swimming or paddling, are:

  • Do not come to the Club if you experience Covid-like symptoms. 
  • You should not come to the Club if you reside outside the Tier 4 area.
  • Book or record all visits to the site and use the QR codes.
  • Can only meet up with one other person (outside your bubble)
  • Maintain 2 metre separation (more than 1 metre with face covering)  indoors and outside.
  • No mixed crews for sailing power boats or OOD.
  • Only one person inside locker room/shed at a time.
  • Face coverings must be worn indoors. 
  • Do not invite guests to the club.
  • Changing rooms emergency use only.
  • Wash hands after you touch anything or wear gloves.
  • Wipe down door handles, bathroom facilities, appliances,  and all surfaces using with soapy water or bac-wipes.

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms are for emergency use only.  The expectation is for you to come changed ready to sail/paddle/swim.  Use the changing rooms at your own risk.

Sunday Racing – Suspended with immediate effect.  Reinstate the morning and afternoon sessions with maximum 20 places.

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