The following rules have been detailed by the Government and local council and are effective from 24th September

Track and Trace

 We are required to have a log of everyone who comes on site and retain that for 21 days.   This will be achieved through our website-based booking system and an NHS QR code at the gate.  An additional activity (maintenance/admin) will be added to the activity options.  Please book all activity and (if you have the App) use the QR code for Track and Trace on entry. You will only have to scan once a day as you only get checked out of a venue at midnight. How does the NHS COVID-19 app know when I’ve left a venue? · COVID-19 app support

Face masks

Face masks are compulsory for bar staff and non-seated customers, shop workers and waiters  – same as going into shops or cafe, wear a mask when using Hackett’s.

Social Groups of 6

Group sizes over six are not allowed, and groups can’t mingle with each other (ie,move group to group).


The following penalites have been imposed: 

  • For the organisation, fines up to £10,000 if they allow social groups of  more than six, do not enforce social distancing, or do not take customers’ contact details.
  • For individuals, fines for not wearing masks or following rules increased to £200 for first offence.

We cannot afford to attract attention and fixed penalty fines because of non-compliance with national rules by members. PLEASE be considerate.

  • Do not come to the Club if you experience cold or flu-like symptoms. 
  • Book all visits to the site and use the QR code
  • Group size ashore no more than 6, with no inter-group mingling
  • Maintain 2 metre separation inside and outside the Clubhouse
  • Do not invite guests to the club.
  • Wash hands after you touch anything or wear gloves.
  • Wipe down door handles, bathroom facilities, appliances,  and all surfaces using with soapy water with bleach or anti-bac wipes.

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