STAGE 2 – COVID 19 Club Measures

STAGE 2 – COVID 19 Club Measures

Updated August 2020

The government guidelines have changed with effect 4th July; this is a relaxation not removal of all measures. There are key enduring features these include:

  • Do not come to the Club if you experience cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Maintain 2 metre separation
  • Wash hands after you touch anything or wear gloves.
  • Wipe down door handles, bathroom facilities, appliances,  and all surfaces using with soapy water with bleach.

Lake Access

Booking System  Booking access (Stage 1 measure) is still required for all sport on/in-water activity.  Numbers will continue to be reviewed in accordance with government guidelines.  Control of numbers on site is key to being able to sail, swim or paddle and members are actively discouraged from using the Club as a ‘beach’ destination.

Guests The privilege of bringing any guests to the club remains suspended. 

Security  Non-members are accessing the site, some knowingly, others by chance. This undermines our onsite risk mitigation by limiting numbers, social distancing, and general hygiene regimes. Please ensure site access control is maintained, ie, the gate remains locked. 

Shore Area The shore area and lake access point must be kept clear to allow safe launch of watercraft and open-water swimmers.  Any family gatherings/picnic should be roadside of the dinghy parks, not close to the water.


With effect 4 July, the following facilities can be used:

Clubhouse  The only area in use are the toilets (Ladies, Gents and Disabled).  The kitchen, galley and changing rooms remain closed.

Camping will be permitted very soon; we just need to get the new washing up facilities commissioned. There will be a booking system and limits of stay to ensure an equitable access for members without becoming a summer holiday camping venue. 

Boat Hire Shared equipment is problematic. The Club solution is individual allocation of dinghies to those who have boat hire in place. The Club canoes and SUP are not available for use.

The Deck is now open. Benches have been spaced out and social distancing measures are in place.

The Galley is now open Friday-Sunday. Service is from the fire door leading onto to deck area. A limited menu is available, and food must be consumed outside.


Club Racing A reduced programme will restart from 5 July with limited numbers (advance booking only) and using a Pursuit format to avoid a mass start.  There will be no formal safety boat coverage. 

Training RYA Training cannot be conducted during Stage 2.  It is probable that we will not be any formal training over the summer period.    


Social Distancing.  The virus can be spread by minute droplets from normal breathing; masks help stop spreading it but not catching it. The risk is lower outside than in a closed environment.  Larger groups also pose a higher risk so please follow the social gathering and family bubble guidance. If you are within 2 metres without mitigating measures you are VERY HIGH RISK. 

Hygiene. The virus remains viable for up to 3 days on hard surfaces.  This makes the Clubhouse changing rooms, toilets, showers, kitchen, chairs and tables VERY HIGH RISK.  We will have enhanced daily cleaning in place for toilet facilities.  Clubs are still not allowed to open changing facilities and showers.  Please help maintain a clean and safe environment by giving the facilities you use, and door handles a very thorough clean down afterwards.

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