Racing Sign On Sheet

Thank you for signing up online for club racing. To help you understand how pursuit racing works, please read the following guide, as well as see the pursuit race start times.

There are currently 2 races:

Race 1: 60 Minute Pursuit Race, 11:00am Start.

Race 2: Handicap Race, 12:15pm Start (3 Starts – Fast, Aero, Slow).

There will be some differences to racing as we know it:

  • There will be no entries on the day. By booking on line, you have ‘signed on’, and are not required to sign on at the club on the day.
  • There will be a limit of 35 boats in each race.
  • You may enter one or both races on a Sunday.
  • Safety cover will work in a reduced capacity, aiming to maintain social distancing at all times. In the event of recovery, we will prioritize the sailor over the boat.
  • There will be a reduced team running racing. This may require additional patience when starting and finishing.
  • Results may not be published, and will not count towards any series.

Below you can see a list of entries for each race:

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